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The fake check scam is a close second."You always try to give people the benefit of the doubt.Not everybody's bad but, nowadays you just can't do that," Thompson said.Police and RCMP detachments across British Columbia are working to halt frauds and cyberscams.March is Fraud Prevention Month and officers noted a broad range of scams turned unwary citizens into victims in 2016, costing those victims more than million nation-wide.BBB advised consumers to read everything online with a “grain of salt.”9.Canada Revenue Agency Scam: The number one scam of 2015 is still on the 2016 list.

“It’s just a cheque cashing scheme, that’s all it is, and it’s too good to be true.” Number two on the list involves “catfishing,” where scammers try to loot the wallets of the lonely looking for love. In total scams took more than million out of Canadian wallets in 2016, a sharp increase over 2015’s numbers.

High-pressure sales tactics are also used by some legitimate businesses, but it’s never a good idea to make an important decision quickly. Use secure, traceable transactions when making payments for goods, services, taxes and debts.

Be cautious even with email that looks familiar; it could be fake. Just because a website or email looks official does not mean that it is. This includes banking and credit card information, your birth date, and Social Security/Social Insurance numbers. They want to push you into action before you have time to think or to discuss it with a family member, friend or financial advisor.

Not all of those consumers lost money, as many recognized the scam before being victimized but reported it anyway to help warn others. Another change was the drop of tech support scams from No. Imposters often get information about their targets from their online interactions, and can make themselves sound like a friend or family member because they know so much about you.

The Top 3 scams on the 2016 list – tax scams, debt collection scams, and sweepstakes/prizes/gifts scams – were the same as in 2015.

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