Clock backdating

Note: Information conveyed in this post is based off of the experiences of several friends along with experiences of others that I have read in a number of forums over the past year.

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While they have never officially confirmed such a list exists, many people have their social security numbers flagged and are not able to get American Express products.

Today I am going to talk about a problem that many people with past bad debts (bankruptcy or otherwise) have with American Express.

If you want to post about a news story from the past, make sure you aren’t backdating it to before the story actually hit the news.

(If an article posted at pm, don’t backdate for am that day) TIP #5: Temporarily unpublish your page while you backdate (don’t delete! TIP #6: None of your backdated posts will have likes, comments or shares, so privately ask family, friends and coworkers to go through and interact with those faux, old posts.

Re: Backdating Documents Without getting into your company's procedures (which can't really be understood from your post), the best way to handle things is 1) Follow your employer's/supervisor's instructions, rules and procedures, and 2) Don't be dishonest and don't sign anything you know to be incorrect.

It is located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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