Dating or relationship dilemma

We want to educate and enable people to develop an ethical and biblical approach to this important but often overlooked area and break the cycle of broken families and low aspiration caused by a lack of stable relationships, Biblical teaching and good family role models.Our work doesn’t give ‘easy’ or ‘fool proof’ steps for finding that special someone, but our prayer is that it will allow us to date in a more fulfilling, enjoyable and God-centred way.Similarly, dating behavior in general should be measured by that standard.The rules of proper dating reflect that underlying concern.), styles of worship and the day-to-day living out of our faith can vary enormously.

We wanted to write a book that would help people apply biblical truths to their circumstances.I’m wondering if it can ever really work between us.’ I once made a throwaway comment in one of my Christian Connection blogs about people missing out on love because of differences as ‘trifling’ as denomination.The good members of CC were quick to point out that while we may all share a common faith (and some aren’t even sure about that!We want people to enjoy relationships, to strengthen good relationships and be blessed in a way that God wants us to be through our relationships.We want to support those dealing with failed relationships and romantic rejection by offering useful and biblical advice.

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