Objectivist dating

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I could sit here and dismantle everything Ayn Rand ever said, but it couldbe a pretty boring circle jerk for those of us who don’t buy it, and adherents would just put on their ear muffs. The not very pressing question of whether Objectivism is an accurate description of/prescription for the world isn’t that interesting.

When they bother to comment on it at all, academic philosophers usually dismiss it as a rather juvenile imitation of a real philosophy.

Frederick Cookinham is the author of THE AGE OF RAND: IMAGINING AN OBJECTIVIST FUTURE WORLD, available from

She proclaimed that her sexual indiscretions were ordained by reason, while those of her partners were depraved.

When she found out the married guy she openly cheated on her husband with had re-cheated, she set a standard for diaper dirtying that her adherents would forever strive to equal.

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