Updating mactex

So my question is: is actually supposed to do distribution upgrades?

As Mac Tex installs into a directory that has the year in its name, one should suppose not. What would have been the correct way to handle this?

Te X is a typesetting computer language designed to help you deal with all sorts of technical documentation.

Mac Te X is a software package that enables you to install and take advantage of the language’s capabilities on your Mac computer.

I found out, that ever since the follow-up Mac Tex 2015 distribution came out and obviously the update command tried to upgrade my 2014 one.

But after that I ran into an issue that could not clearly be solved, without reinstalling the whole thing.

The reference edition runs on Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux, various BSD Unix systems, and most other computer architectures.

The Mac Te X Distribution is available on CTAN or on the Te X Collection DVD (free with membership of TUG or with many of the other Users Groups around the world).

I just removed mactex 2015 and installed mactex 2016. However, I just downloaded the latest tex live utility from their own development page. Go to mactex homepage, go to tex live utility homepage, download, unpack and overwrite tex live utility. I need to see the log output from when it gets stuck (use the Windows menu) in order to understand what's going [email protected] It'd be more useful if you posted your solution as an answer for future visitors that might have your problem.Also, I'd enter the message as text in your question so that it can be searched. :)Quoting the Tex on Mac OSX Mailing list: “The version of Te X Live 2015 that was originally released in Mac Te X-2015 is missing a file needed by Te X Live Utility so an updated version should be released in another day;” permalink.gmane.org/tex.macosx/[email protected] Pastor -- please post an answer.However, you might also choose to download and install the Mac Te Xtras package, which provides an extensive documentation, showcase items, spell checkers, and more front ends.The Mac Te X installer will deploy on your Mac the Te X Live edition which enables you to use most Te X packages: La Te X, pdf Te X, Con Te X, Lua Te X, and so on.

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