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"I would like to confirm to you that the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King's attorney," pageant spokeswoman Dara Busch wrote in an e-mail this morning.

A porn website posted a sex video Monday featuring a woman who looks and sounds like King. King, contacted Monday, said she was aware of it, but denied it was her.

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The case, which had drawn international attention, reveals vast discrepancies in how jurisdictions define, legislate and punish sexting — which, some legal experts say, warrants no judicial punishment at all.“This is not an issue for prosecution, this is not an issue for the courts, and this is not an issue for police,” said Riya Shah, an attorney with the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia.

“This is an issue for parents.”Sexting has occurred for as long as teens have had cameras in their cellphones, but most states still lack legislation to target the issue.“It’s clearly an area where the law has not caught up to technology,” said David Moyse, a defense attorney in the Rockville case.

Prosecutors filed the child pornography charges after an investigation determined that the initial rape charges could not be supported.

"He has a number of friends so posting it on a Facebook profile is quite bizarre." He said Ajobo insists the video, sent to him on Whats App and now deleted by Facebook, was accompanied by a message he wrote "warning parents about the dangers to children".

Recorder Edward Connell delayed sentencing to investigate why Ajobo published the video online.

Ajobo, who came to the UK from Nigeria around a decade ago, has been held in custody since his arrest because of questions over his immigration status.

"On the Facebook profile are a number of pictures of the defendant", said defence barrister Tom Williams.

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