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I think when you have a great idea, you think it’s amazing, you really feel it in your heart, but sometimes you’re afraid to expose yourself."- John Alexander, co-founder of community rental site Xchange Post"There's no model for upcycling [so] there was no easy path to follow." -Scott Hamlin, founder of waste upcycling business Looptworks Many of the young companies in attendance came not only to get noticed but for the chance to pitch high-profile investors.Startups say having grit, courage and an open mind are crucial for getting ahead.If you've ever taken a taxi in the New York metro area — especially outside Manhattan — "the depressing taxi experience" will be familiar to you. If service at Starbucks was as routinely disappointing as service from taxis, Starbucks would have gone out of business long ago.New Yorkers swap awful taxi tales like they're war stories. Different American cities set different rules for taxis, and that plays out as wildly different levels of service depending on the standards they're required to meet.

Then the driver expressed his disappointment that I wasn't going very far (I guess he was hoping for a bigger fare).Taxis in Las Vegas are great, for instance, and I've never had a Vegas driver who wasn't fluent in English. J., however, it's unusual to get a driver who can converse beyond the minimum exchange required to get the fare from A to B. The job requires drivers to be able to communicate in the language of the customers they're serving.They need to be able to obey instructions from law enforcement.What is the best piece of advice you would give a new entrepreneur? And not stay focused in the track that you think should be dictating the company." -Dalit Shalom, director of product design for The Sage Project, a company demystifying food labels"Understand your capital situation and what your needs are."Do your research." -Jessica Rush, co-founder of social dating app The Set-up"And just jump in." -Eric Leeker of The Set-up app"Pick really, really wisely the team that is going to be working with you." -Andres Mozo, CFO of Encarguelo.com"Listen, a lot.

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