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To all you based patriots a Happy 4th of July is implied.

2016-12-18: Well, shit, the display on the replacement has started flickering.

I wanted to keep it around for a few video games that don’t run on Linux, which meant resizing down its partition, removing the recovery partition, and removing a mysterious undeletable 7 GB “OEM partition”. I counted four GUI toolkit styles, inconsistent navigation, missing help files, privacy-invasive defaults, and settings broken up into several different screens in different programs that all look and work differently.

Plus rapide, plus satisfaisant pour le candidat et moins coûteux pour l'employeur, le processus d'embauche gagne en efficacité.

The out-of-the box settings were decent, but I made a few tweaks.

The laptop shipped with Windows 8.1 Standard installed.

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